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Our Ranch is located about 20 miles southwest of Spokane Wa, just about 5 miles west of the town of Medical Lake. We started our ranch in 2001 with the purchase of two cow/calf pairs from Greg Shaw. We bought a bull from Shaws the following year and having been steadily growing ever since. We now run over one hundred head of cows (angus, hereford and commercial angus). We now do quite alot of artificial insemination and embryo transfer work. Our commercial cows are an important part of our program since they are our embryo recipients. They are mostly commercial angus and are chosen by their ability to raise a heavy calf and maintain a good body score. They milk well and are easy to work with in the breeding box. We calve out at our home place but we pasture out in the summer in pastures located outside of Medical Lake, Cheney, Tekoa and as far away as Potlatch, Idaho. We raise all our own hay and summers are busy with three cuttings on the irrigated ground. We have a lot of help running the ranch from friends and neighbors. They help with calving and haying and thankfully fixing things when there is an equipment breakdown. We are very lucky to have such good friends and neighbors as we couldn't run this place without them. Our cattle generally have great dispositions and are easy to round up from summer pasture. We call them in using a four-wheeler and a bucket of range cubes which they love. They have learned to follow the four wheeler and we keep them bunched using horses. For the cattle pastured within 5 miles of home, we drive them home using horses. We occasionally meet a school bus. We do most of our calving in the spring, from February 1-April 30. We do have a few late calvers that calve in June. We don't have a fall calving program yet but are considering developing one in the future with some of our Herefords and ET cows. For now, we are content with about 100 head of cows. We are working on improving our EPDs and the overall confirmation of our cowherd through good breeding and selective herd management. It is a lot of work but it is worth it.

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