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Don and Connie Delorme: the third generation We joined the family operation with Mom and Dad Wardberg in 1978 and moved to Grampa and Gramma Wardberg's homestead after purchasing it from Mom and Dad. Being that both of us grew up in Angus families we've proudly continued with the tradition and have bred up a nice herd of Commercial and Registered cows. Horses are another passion that we expanded on - starting a small herd of Paints in the early 1990's. This ranch lifestyle also included a combined total of 62 years involved with 4-H as members and leaders of the Beef, Lighthorse, Sewing, Woodworking and 4U projects. All of us still enjoy supporting the 4-H program as judges and clinic instructors. Through the years, Don and I have also been involved in the School Board, Fish and Game, Roping Club and our local community Hall. We don't devote a lot of time to hobbies but I enjoy sewing and Don a little hunting. The cattle and horses have always held our interests but we've also had our share of different pets (all for the kids you understand !!) ; sheep, goats, racoons, snakes, birds etc. Perhaps it would be easier to say what we haven't had ... I think we could squeeze in some minature horses yet!! The Family Ranch has grown and diversified and has provided a livelihood for three generations, and is well on its way into including the fourth and fifth generations.

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