Ole (Asmund) & Esther Wardberg: the first generation, Connie's Grandparents The ranch's first generation, Alfred's parents, was Ole (Asmund) and Esther Wardberg. Ole Wardberg immigrated from Norway as a young man in 1927 and arrived in this area in 1932. He married Esther in 1936 and in 1945 moved to the new place North of Robsart, where they raised their family of three daughters and three sons. The farming operation gradually grew. Ole introduced one of the first groups of black angus females into the area in 1948. In 1951 he purchased an additional farm where Alfred and Josephine now live. With the added land he enthusiastically continued to raise and increase his Black Angus cattle numbers and crops. My Grandparents and parents were also avid growers of trees in an area less than hospitable to anything but sage and cactus. Pine trees, yard and field shelter belts were planted and hand watered. Grampa Ole passed away in 1962 and Gramma Esther passed away in 1984.

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